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DEB-school description

This is an advanced training course on Dynamic Energy Budget theory. The objective is to train participants in estimating DEB model parameters for their species during 6 days. Trainees will come together in Brest (European Institut of Research on the Sea IUEM) and interact with skilled scientists actively involved in applying DEB to their own research. The teaching team will present exciting lectures on applications of the theory in a variety of fields: environmental quality management, ecology, fisheries, population dynamics .... It is also the ideal format for networking and strengthening international cooperation. We further expect this training to generate many new high quality entries in the online AmP (Add-my-Pet) database of DEB models and parameters. AmP is an initiative in the context of much wider aims: find the simplest organisation principles for metabolism upon which all life is based and understand taxon-specific patterns as variations on this common theme.


Learning objectives

  • Estimate DEB parameters for animals and more specifically an animal you are interested in for your research
  • Formulate a research question
  • Apply DEB parameter estimation to support your own research and address contemporary problems in conservation, environmental impacts and resource management

Download the full course document (coming soon) - details on the content of the school are available HERE.


School topics

- Conceptual Basics on DEB Theory and the Standard DEB Model (MOOC Revisions).

- Applications of theory in ecology and ecotoxicology - Method for DEB parameter estimation and sensitivity analysis - Metabolic Theories and Transfers of Scale (Population, Ecosystem).


Pre-school work

1- Follow the DEB tele-course (highly recommended)

2- Prepare a discussion related to potential DEB applications in your own research, where you can pose questions about problems that you expect to meet in such applications.

3- Compile data for your pet, preferrably already in a mydata-file.


How to apply and register?

Follow this link to the dedicated page.





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