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This is a 2-day workshop focussing on concrete applications of Dynamic Energy Budget theory  to ecological and ecological research problems. All applications come with the need to know parameter values (core focus of the School). During these two days the objective is to train participants in several methods for applying parameters:

-          Quantifying effects of toxic stressors on growth, development and reproduction of an animal species

-          Reconstructing past climatic conditions based on growth increments of bivalve shells

-          Coupling DEB models to micro-climate models and simulating changes in species presence and abundance

-          Individual to population to community

Participation to the workshop is not limited to those who followed the School- applicants who already have a backgroup in the DEB theory and who will to train on how to apply the DEB parameters to their research are welcome, as well as participants with an experimental background who wish to understand what type of data is recquired to apply the DEB theory.

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply DEB parameter estimation to support your own research and address contemporary problems in conservation, environmental impacts and resource management
  • Step from individuals to populations: Explain principles of structured and unstructured populations models, methods for analysis of model dynamics and applications.


A series of four workshops. Details of the 2-day workshops will be given very soon.

Items to bring to the workshop

You can read online about travel info.

Please bring with you :

  • Walking shoes
  • Laptop with matlab 2006 or higher
  • Recent version of DEBtool and  AmPtool
  • A well prepared mydata file for your pet
  • Netlogo
  • NichMapperR (DEB in practice IV)
  • List of participants (we skip introductions) :

If you don't have a Matlab license, there are two viable options:

  • Download the free 30-day trial version from Organize it so that these 30 days includes your visit to Brest.
  • Buy the Student version of Matlab if you are a student at a university. The student version apparently has all the capabilities of Matlab and is cheap (35 Euro excl. VAT for the basic program).




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