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DEB-tele-course description

The tele-course is a 5-week online-course on "Dynamic Energy Budget theory for metabolic organisation", otherwise known as DEB theory, where biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics all come together.

This course provides a framework for modelling metabolism at the organism level, covering the full life-cycle, using DEB Theory which is applicable to all species. It quantifies, step by step, all the important metabolic processes such as ingestion, assimilation, growth, maintenance, development and reproduction.

The course focuses on chapters 1-4 of the "DEB-book", by S.A.L.M. Kooijman, which covers the principles of the theory and univariate DEB models.

This online-course will be given as a MOOC (follow this link for more information on the tele-course).

The debX tele-course registration is now open!

The tele-course is free of charge.




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