Travel Info.

Reaching Brest from the airport :

  • Between 5h45 and 23h00 you can take a shuttle that brings you to the tram (tram have only one line and brings you to the town center) or to the town center (train station, at hours where tram is not working)

  • Out of these hours a taxi is the best option.


Reaching the School, Workshop and Symposium site (PNBI)

DEB2019 school, workshop and symposium will take place at the Pôle Numerique Brest Iroise (PNBI) of the University of Brest, just in front of the European Institute for Marine Studies (IUEM) in Plouzané, Brest.

Technopôle Brest-Iroise
rue Dumont d’Urville
29280 Plouzané - FRANCE

GPS coordinates: 48°21'35.0"N 4°33'51.7"W

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How to reach Pôle Numerique Brest Iroise (PNBI) from Brest ?

During the DEB2019 Workshop and Symposium a shuttle will allow you to reach the DEB2019 site from Brest town centre in the morning and to return to Brest town centre at the end of the day. (See time table  and stops below). Out of these hours/dates follow these instructions below :

  • In Brest, take the tram, in the direction of Porte de Plouzané (around 35 min)
  • Alight at the Terminus, then catch bus number 13. Alight at the “Piccard” stop (around 15 min)
  • Follow on walking upward (around 5 min) and you will find the PNBI entrance on your right.

DEB2019 Shuttle stops and time table

A special bus (shuttle) was planned so that you can easily reach DEB2019 site during Workshop and Symposium. Two stops are planned, one in the upper side of the town center (Liberté) and the other one in the lower side (Français Libres). Time table table of the shuttle is indicated below :


The map below indicate the two stops in Brest town centre :

Brest mapMap of Brest center indicating the important places : the two stops of the shuttle (see below for exact GPS points), train station and "Le brestoâ" where we will board for the Symposium dinner.


Map of the DEB2019 site

Map DEB2019 site

 Map of the DEB2019 site indicating important places : Pôle Numérqiue Brest Iroise (PNBI) where all the DEB2019 event will take place, the restaurant (RAK), the dotted red line indicates the walking path from PNBI to RAK (around 10 min). The shutlle will bring you to "de Rochon" bus stop. See below for GPS points of these places.


Important places

Nost lost during DEB2019 using your smartphone

Download the GPS points and links to the important places of the DEB2019 event. Cliking on the links will show you the locations on Google maps / Maps app of your smartphone. Best is to download the offline maps on your smartphone (at home or with wifi if you don't have acces to internet in France).

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